About Us

Applied Webology was built on the philosophy that uniformity should be reserved for military and

MMCrypto marching bands. Each business has that one thing that makes it pop. We’re dedicated to finding it, building on it, zeus slot machine bonus and creating a digital brand presence designed to stand out from their one size fits all, cookie cutter competition.

Mobile app marketing and texting communication solutions are our bread and butter here at Applied Webology, built and designed for Apple and Android systems. That digital presence extends to website re-vamps, re-designs and rebirths, creating a unique picture of your organization across all platforms that reaches your customers everywhere they happen to be.

Previous projects and partner organizations included:

  • Law enforcement agencies in Florida and South Carolina
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Political Candidates
  • Non-Profits
  • Eateries

We’ve also partnered with Cisco, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as small businesses and independent contractors across the US. Contact us today to see what Applied Webology can do for you!

The Faces Behind Applied Webology

Luis Lopez began his career as an insurance agent in Southeast Louisiana, working in direct sales and marketing before branching out. While working in insurance, he partnered closely with individuals, businesses and teams from around the globe, crafting insurance solutions designed to meet the individual, unique and distinct needs of their clientele.

In 2012, he turned his development skills and business savvy to digital applications, partnering with co-founder Marc Lambert on the first of many app development projects that would lead to the creation of Applied Webology.

Marc Lambert first stepped into the world of high powered business as a Senior Account Manager with Scudder Kemper Funds. Over the years, his role grew to include quality assurance management, work flow productivity, business expansion and top of the line client care.

While working in finance, his specialty was analyzing and providing solutions tailored to his clients’ specific needs. He and his team now bring those skills and business knowledge to the table as the driving force behind the custom solutions designed here at Applied Webology.

Luis, Marc and the rest of the team are committed to providing our clientele with personal, friendly service, unparalleled excellence in digital design, and effective solutions to help your business grow year after year.

Welcome to Applied Webology.